Trying EGG COFFEE in Vietnam!


We tried Egg Coffee in Hanoi – the city it originated from!

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  1. Did you even look up what egg coffee is? It's just egg yolk and condensed milk! You were freaking out over that? If you had done your research you wouldn't had been as annoying as you were on this video.

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  3. Every time I’m in Hanoi that is the cafe I go to for egg coffee, it’s the best coffee in Hanoi, trying new food & drinks is the best part of enjoying different things, this woman is really annoying, he on the other hand is more open to different things & doesn’t criticise or complaint so much

  4. Lots of people freaking out about egg coffee yet drink egg nog during Christmas and don't think twice about it. They are the same thing, just egg yolks and condensed milk but the Vietnamese version has a little coffee added to it to contrast the sweetness. One version hot, the other cold just like egg nog. It's not particularly exotic or even unconventional. It's basically just like adding a bit of coffee to egg nog. Italians do something similar called Affogato which is espresso and ice cream and no one thinks it's weird or repulsive. Just a lot of ignorant commenters that don't travel much and don't know much about cooking.

  5. Egg coffee? Did it taste like eggnog? Suggestion – post a donate link to your paypal in the youtube description of your videos. I found it the juicers email but would be good to have it in YT descriptions. Cheers! 😎

  6. I forgot to comment on the last vlog because I'm rubbish but I have watched every single vlog since you started daily vlogging. Bloody love you guys!


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