This TANK Ekko Build Is EASY To CLIMB With


Is building ICEBORN GAUNTLET on EKKO worth it? Hint: It is so EASY to CARRY with!

In this episode we play Tank Ekko top. A few seasons ago, Tank Ekko top was extremely popular and we wanted to see if it was still worth playing. Well, after a few games of building Sunfire Cape, Spirit Visage and Iceborn Gauntlet on Ekko we found out that it seems to be a really good combo for climbing and helping carrying your team. Building tank Ekko seems to be a great way to increase MMR and climb by helping your team carry.

✔In this series, the goal is to climb as high as we can while using autofill. At the time of starting we have over 200+ games in Ranked and are around Gold 3. This is unacceptable. We will be “autofilling” to try and “fill the gaps” until we reach higher elo’s where we can play as a support main. Occassionally we will be playing Mid/Top. Basically… trying to climb! We hope you enjoy this series and watching us fail to climb.

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Feel free to check out “THE CLIMB” series playlist ( or the “Scratch to Something” Series ( where we play Ranked from a fresh account.

✔ Who I Am: My name is Michael and I used to make a lot of YouTube videos. I recently got back into making videos and wanted to start a channel again. I’m not the best gamer or video maker, but I truly enjoy making and creating content. I hope that you enjoy all of the content that I create and I truly hope that everyone can learn at least one thing from my videos.

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