Steven Gerrard Leads Liverpool Players In EPIC Yaya / Kolo Toure Chant In Dubai


Liverpool’s departing captain Steven Gerrard leads a hilarious and rowdy rendition of the fans favourite, Kolo and Yaya Toure chant whilst on a team-building trip in Dubai.

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  1. Oh! What is this!

    It’s hanging up and going up.

    Demba Ba! One-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper!

    Demba Ba! Goal!
    Chelsea score the first goal.

    All right, It’s been a little bit dragged through the first half, but it's Gerard's fatal wound.

    Steven Gerrard is making a critical mistake.

    Now, Liverpool's heart, Gerrard, has lost focus at the last minute of the first half.
    It was Chelsea of Mourinho, Demba Ba who scored the first goal at Anfield.

    Now, He made a mistake who the heart and main character of Anfield.

    So here he is, and he was down.
    Oh, that's a fatal mistake.

    one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper,
    Demba Ba didn't miss it.

    This is Dembaba,
    who scored the winning goal in straight sets against Swansea City and Paris Saint Germain,

    and he didn't miss this opportunity,
    to get ahead of the halftime on next half.

    In fact, if Liverpool wins this season, there's Suarez, but Gerrard was a good starting point behind the winning streak.

    But he has to wrap this up well,
    But this mistake came out to Gerrard.

  2. 수비상황에서 집중해야 합니다
    아! 이게 뭔가요!
    자! 끊어내고 올라갑니다
    뎀바바! 골키퍼와 일대일 기회 뎀바바!
    뎀바바! 골!!!
    첼시가 선제골을 뽑아냅니다
    자! 전반전내내 약간 끌려갔었는데 제라드의 치명적인 실숩니다
    결정적인 실책을 스티븐 제라드가 하나요
    자 리버풀의 심장 제라드가 전반전 막판에 집중력을 잃었습니다
    안필드에서 선제골을 뽑아낸건 무리뉴의 첼시 뎀바바입니다
    자 그리고 실수한건 안필드의 심장이자 주인공인 제라든데요
    자 여기서 공을 흘리고 넘어지고 말았습니다
    아 정말 치명적인 실책입니다.
    키퍼와 일대일 찬스를 뎀바바가 놓치지 않았습니다

    파리셍제르맹 스완지시티와 경기에서 연속해서 결승골을 터트렸던 뎀바바인데요 자 이번 기회를 놓치지 않으면서 전반전 자 하프타임을 하프타임에 돌입할때 앞선 상황에서 돌입할수 있겠습니다.

    사실 올시즌 리버풀이 우승을 한다면 일등공신이 수아레즈도 있습니다만 연승의 시발점 뒷라인 플레이메이커부터 아주 역할수행을 잘한 제라드였거든요 근데 이거 마지막 마무리를 잘해야 하는데 이러한 실책이 제라드에게 나왔어요

  3. It was a genuine moment that the squad thought EPL trophy is finally coming to LFC.. Poor Stevie. Time slipped by. Now, it's time for the current squad to stay focused after winning the UCL, the Super Cup and World Club Cup, next. Go undefeated in next 19 games, then go back to the yolo dance. 😁😁😁

  4. Liverpool Champions of europe, but man what a shitty team that was, no wonder we never won anything with these shit players

  5. I read about this in Gerrard's autobiography and the dance moves I imagined him doing was exactly the same as what he is doing here

  6. Liverpool moaning about city singing hey Jude whilst they sing the James for mo salad and slippy g Gerrard is singing about ya ya toure 😂😂😂

  7. People mocked Gerrard for not winning EPL medal. The thing is, even Sunil Chettri can win EPL with teammates like Ryan Giggs, Beckham, Roy Keane, Yorke, Stam and Schmeichel.


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