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SOLO FEMALE VANLIFER | Van Tour – Kitesurfing Instructor & Digital Nomad Travels Full Time!

Teresa is a full-time vanlifer – traveling, kitesurfing, snowboarding and working from her van conversion. She shows us around her impressive build and also gives insight into the emotional adjustment to van life.
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🎥Thumbnail & help with filming: Laci Kobulský

🚐🔨The Van Build Company:
Van Line NI –

🔊 Music by:
🎶 Epidemic Sounds –

Thanks for watching! 😊

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  1. Michael Jamison 3 months ago

    Hi Teresa from Belfast, NI.

  2. Lisa Caravancı 3 months ago

    I looove this video and all of this great little solutions in your van! Do you have more information about the shower? How is it fixed on the roof, what does it look like inside…?
    All the best for you!

  3. gioviecelli 3 months ago

    KiteVanMan lov u. come to brazil and mary with me?

  4. Delux ST 3 months ago

    I don't think I woulda had the power to pass the "stuck Incident 🙄🔫, look at that garage….

  5. Jeremy Goldsworthy 3 months ago

    With all that wood, the van must weigh a couple ton extra

  6. darrellpax 3 months ago

    Cool van and Tess is really cute, love her accent. Kitesurfing so so cool …..

  7. Theresa Hartman 3 months ago

    Get some paper that you can trace the shape of the skateboard on. Then, get people to make that size of illustration on tracing paper. Transfer the illustration with carbon paper, then have them fill in the lines and colors according to the transfer. That takes a lot less trust than freehand decoration!

  8. joel choquer 3 months ago

    Elle est extra cette fille j'adore son rire…

  9. anonymous 3 months ago

    van life aint this good …….hahahahaha!!!! FILTERS PEOPLE !

  10. Michael Treser 3 months ago

    I truely came for the van, but this girl is such a beauty that i missed watching the van. Verry cool lady…and van.

  11. L Barg 3 months ago

    My heart actually did a little break when she opened the back door and i saw the kite equipment…

  12. JonboatCaptain1 3 months ago

    What an amazing young lady! Wish I could have the opportunity to fix that sticking table from going back in for you. Been in cabinet business for a lifetime. Take care of yourself. You're an inspiration to even us guys and seeing one from my ancestor's country from way back is truly interesting. I'm Scotch-Irish. Again, take care!!

  13. Guy Martin 3 months ago

    where did you get your blinds made from

  14. Ashley Burton 3 months ago

    What an amazing female!

  15. Olgert Smirnoff 3 months ago

    мужика ей нужно…

  16. Les Voyages De Louis 3 months ago

    Super !

  17. west east 3 months ago

    What a doll! She should start her own youtube channel

  18. Mostafa Bahat 3 months ago

    Welcome in Morocco ! You will not regret it ! Lot of Europeans Americans come with their van cars to enjoy the beautiful beaches and the desert in Morocco ! Peaceful safe country !

  19. Richard Parker 3 months ago

    I know she is a strong girl, but still I am worried about her safety.

  20. Jessi Louis 3 months ago

    creeper at 2:35

  21. Philip Hannan 3 months ago

    Nice to think that someone from where I live is out there touring the world and making memories! Kudos to her and representing The Big Smoke (Belfast). Respect!

  22. b metrix 3 months ago


    That’s what she said.

  23. Denise 3 months ago

    Idk why, but it's so refreshing to see a van build where you enter the car on a different side (compared to right side drivers)

  24. omar lamanna 3 months ago

    Bella scelta! Camper TOP!

  25. bridgepigeon 3 months ago

    there was a van in this ?

  26. Leon Build 3 months ago

    Nice van. This is my current camper build.

  27. mehmet cakir 3 months ago

    in fact, if there is no internet, nobody do that.

  28. Chris Done 3 months ago

    Pretty girl .. I really don't think she is alone in that van.. why would she be ? I bet blokes are queuing up for lessons ?? I would be for sure …..

  29. JERIC BUCAO 3 months ago

    damn shes so hot.absolutley gorgeus girl.i like your van.waiting your channel.

  30. Ruud Doeternietoe 3 months ago

    Nice girl she earns a free live

  31. majstor boza 3 months ago

    She said that her knives has never fallen during driving, but I would suggest for her to have them upside down 😉

  32. Womotipps 3 months ago

    You are a super girl, Teresa! Great van equipment, great video presentation. Good luck with kitesurfing. Greetings from Piet from

  33. Edson Dantas 3 months ago

    Parabéns lindo furgão e linda rainha muito bonita e é espetacular parabéns deus te abençoe

  34. joël Watschinger 3 months ago

    nice car , good camping car , i see like the kite surf ot the windsurfer , yes good camping car in the voyage of life , no good house expensive and shit , bravo nice car beautiful ……. take great

  35. anwalen 3 months ago

    Wondering why every single solo vanlifer girl is so hot.

  36. Mike Korn 3 months ago

    Some of these videos are getting to be a bit to STAGED for me… Perfect hair & make up & cloths…right..ok but the polaroid pictures? Really? This girl is to young to even know what a polaroid camera is let alone where to buy one. Sorry about the one burner set-up

  37. Joe Hale 3 months ago

    in the back to stop cold put a heater and the same in the front so its the same heat all around the van, that way told isn't a thing in dat van x

  38. Fernando Matias 3 months ago

    Steering is on the wrong side 😁😁

  39. David J. LeBaron 3 months ago

    When are you coming to America??? Hahaha

  40. MrDeepshadows 3 months ago

    Hi just subscribed your channel, cool van you have 😉

  41. Dee O’Neill 3 months ago


  42. red7fifty 3 months ago

    Very Cute, but not the nose ring, it's distracting from your face and smile.

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