Make Windows Look Better | Elegant Clean Look 2020 | Easy Windows 10 Customization


Customize your desktop with this Elegant and Professional Windows 10 Theme in 2020. In This Tutorial I’ll show you how to Simplify your desktop with Rainmeter and Nexus Dock.

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Night – MusicbyAden

Right-click on the skin – Settings – Position – On Desktop
This will block the widget from coming over a window!

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Good Luck!

I am NOT the owner of the skins used in this theme!
All the credit goes to their respective owners.
Above are the links to original skins.


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  2. Did anyone figure out how to link spotify or other music source to the sound bar. I would like to link the progress bar and song title to what is playing on spotify please help then this skin will be perfect. Good Tutorial Btw Viral Hattrix

  3. Rainmeter Music player isn't working for me. i tried playing a music. it does't play on rainmeter musicplayer. anyone can help? thanks

  4. Windows, The only OS that's so bad people are willing to install third party packages to customize the look only to realize it's still shitty Windows.

  5. Para el que quiera la skin de raimter en español
    solo tinen que pegar el archivo en la siguiente ruta
    y en raimeter abrir settigns y poner Spanish en donde dice :
    Enter Language Here
    Y listo!!

  6. I actually did the whole thing without downloading the zip! 😀 it works perfectly fine without it, instead you can actually just right click and then extract all! (:

  7. when i install nexus 2, all i see are question marks as icons even after following the instructions in the video. how can i fix it?


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