How to Personalize Windows 10 (Beginners Guide)


For absolute beginners, this video will show you how to personalize and customize the appearance of Windows 10. Over the years, we’ve done several videos on Windows 10. In the comments of those videos, people keep asking questions on how to change the appearance or customize certain features. In this beginner’s guide, I’ll answer some of those questions and show you how to personalize your Windows 10 computer.

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“Windows 10 Tips & Tricks” Playlist

0:22 Background
2:14 Colors
3:39 Lock Screen
4:51 Themes
6:59 Start Menu
7:52 Taskbar



Windows 10 PowerToys (Beginners Guide)

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  1. This tutorial is intended for absolute beginners of Windows 10. Hopefully it helps. A more complex and advanced tutorial may be coming if there is enough interest… Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. I formated my Windows 10 laptop and installed Windows 7 on it.
    Much happier. I never want to see Windows 10 ever again.

  3. used,
    Wi fi file transfer its useless! I used, windows 10  file copy transfer, its useless it timed out!

    used, Usb-c and Dex and Samsung remote assistance its useless.

    do, I transfer files from note 10+ to windows 10 desktop computer its estimated

    transfer is 15 hours for 255g and it times out!

    problems, getting 255b stuff off the 10+ phone Adobe bridge is useless too!

  4. For those of us with poor vision, adjusting the Mouse Pointer size is always my first, and sometimes only, personalization.

  5. Give us a tip on how to turn off updates. No matter how many times I turn them off they keep turning on every couple of days.

  6. I returned for refund my first W10. Never figured it out. My W7 desktop just died….now I have a W10 laptop. My first and most important issue is HOW SLOW W10 IS! what to do to speed it up- disable apps and things I don't want without crashing the pos. Very helpful if you could

  7. One major customization I always do is to get rid of that awful metro menu. Stardock Software's Start10 is wonderful. Returns it to a Windows 7 type start menu. Best $5.00 I've ever spent.

  8. I hate windows 10, Windows 7. is the last windows for me. and started to use linux Mint more as I see no future with Windows. Windows 10 is to me the worst thing ever. the concept of the menu thing that I find is an omage to star trek that had never to be made.

  9. It just sucks that programs that didn't take up cpu like OBS on Windows 7 are now doing it on Wndows 10. Plus I think my computer cant handle it.

  10. Thanks for doing this video Tech Gumbo – Love your channel your straightforward and I like it! I would like know about the various Web Internet Security programs in order to keep your PC protected. I have Webroot Internet Security what is your opinion on this topic in 2020? And what would you say is the best route to stay protected online period! In addition, to all the various Widows 10 updates that took place last year. Please advise?

  11. Just an unrelated Windows 10 question, have you ever made a video on how to create your own full Steam profile background image.

  12. I like to think of myself as an advanced user and even though this video is geared for beginners, I discovered a few things that I had overlooked in the past. Thanks for the great video.

  13. Hey, thanks for this video, question: can you give the (animated youtube "subscribe" button template) you have used in this video? thanks anyway.


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