(FULL COLOR) Zeke's Resurrection & The Great Titan War Part 2 Begins


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  1. Fodder falls from being stabed in Neck Eren doesn't even look phased that it happen it did shock him the second it happened but he gave no fucks lol Savage Badass Eren FTW

  2. 9:44 is this supposed to be that scene from Eren's dream where that guy is picked up off the ground? Idk the guy in Eren's dream had long hair and a survey cloak.

  3. The girl and titan who showed right before zeke was dying was none other that Ymir. The founder of all. Enslaved by the previous holders of the Founding Titan, bound to follow their command.

  4. Good to see you’re back!!! I hope you will re upload your other great works! I want to rewatch your chapter by chapter episodes! Your editing and music choices make it my ideal way to consume the manga.

  5. Theory 1: The Titan healed Zeke on purpose(9:39). By now all paradise people would've been able to find out they're titans from the new government. That would also mean they'd know how to inherit powers properly. Yet this titan intentionally ripped open it's stomach to heal Zeke rather than swallowing him. Of course this titan would know this would never allow him or her to be humam again. It even had it though out to rip its stomach as to not risk inadvertently swallowing his leaking spinal fluids,thus stealing his powers, ergo his regeneration.
    Theory 2: Paths = smoke. Everyone knows when titans disappear they vanish as smoke without ash or even a trace, even a severed limb does this. Now notice the titan that saved Zeke's life sucked in smoke(14:24). My theory is smoke is what all matter exiting the paths is. Whenever a titan dies it simply is the matter being returned to be reused in a different form along the paths. Which is why titan smoke comes from injured warriors or why titan spinal fluid turns into smoke. Its all because when its now disconnected from their body it's sent to the paths,just like titans.
    1. Titan was a probably traitor in human form and Zeke taught it how to save him if he ever needed them.
    2. The smoke is thing that builds up titans. (They aren't light as feathers for nothing)

  6. Holy fuck dude, I'm sorry about what happened. I came back to one of your old videos to try and grab a piece of music and was crushed too see everything missing.

  7. Hey soul madness, i hope you are reading this, i have been missing your works so much, especially the motion manga for one punch man, no one can forget that bang vs garou scene even up to this day #soulmadness4ever

  8. Soul Madness please tell me you still have you old bleach videos somewhere 😭 I’m re-watching it and I still have most of them but some are missing… I really enjoy your videos so, if you still have them somewhere please please contact me 🙏🏻

  9. Wait so that little girl was ymir? And i think zeke instantly took over the body of that person who ones was a titan becaus he has royal blood! Damn attack on titan!! They keep amazing me


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