Cody's C++ CSGO Bunnyhop Tutorial Part1 External


Here is a C++ Bunny hop tutorial for CSGO, it’s an external mod. It’s a very simple example, easy for beginners to understand if you have already learned the basics from our other tutorials. You won’t learn the reversing part in this video, just the coding part. Download the mem.h files from the attachments.

Important Notes:
A few of these videos are 720p, sorry, future videos will be 1080p
Project must be built for Multi Byte Character Set, right click project -Properties and change it.
DWORD is used in this tutorial for addresses, to update the code for x64 you must change most of those to uintptr_t
I don’t like precompiled headers so I remove them, your version of VS might use pch.h instead of stdafx.h but they are the same thing. Csgo bunnyhop

csgo hacks


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