Attack On Titan Chapter 115 : Zeke Revived – LEVI's Death [ VERY EMOTIONAL ]


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進撃の巨人 115 | Manga Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 115
attack on titan chapter 115
shingeki no kyojin chapter 115
everyone say that levi is officialy dead but apparently hanji is trying to save him from getting killed by floch, so he’s still alive but worstly injured, levi ackerman was the best soldier in the world after receiving such a damage by zeke and losing his fingers i don’t think levi could fight anymore, levi’s carriere as soldier is finished.
so levi’s death is just a theory it isn’t official
– zeke met ymir fritz she resurrected him after his death and she revived him
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  1. I haven't read the manga and searched on YouTube for "Attack on Titan manga" and of course spoilers like this come up… How foolish of me.

  2. Well levi is alive. Hanji see the body of levi and run for it and hanji says that levi is dead without touching levi's pulse. Isayama tricked us to believed us that levi is dead with that explosion.

  3. Why author did this shit!?give away our beloved characters that we know for two three years,making the main character looking like a villain,overmaking the stories for gabi even trough shes just a new character and a rushy shitty ending😭

  4. I just hope that they use an injection on Levi or something I dunno and make Levi eat zeke or someone BUT not armin or wren cause that would be REALLY SAD


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